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New, high-resolution paleoclimate reconstructions with 100,000-year rhythms may offer insights into how Earth’s climate system operated during a time when the planet was warmer than it is today.

Postcards from the Field

Team FELDSPAR, led by Dr. Amanda Stockton (Georgia Tech), hiking through the lava field of Holuhraun, in Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland.

This photo is a still from a brand new NASA Astrobiology video documentary series entitled, Astrobiology in the Field. This episode focuses on how Dr. Stockton and her team are exploring volcanic regions in Iceland to better understand how we should search for life on other worlds, such as Mars.

Image by Mike Toillion.

Astrobiology in the Field, Episode 1: Iceland (Official Trailer): /watch?v=qEQGB6YmUfs

Full article: /news/astrobiology-inthe-field-iceland/

The full episode is debuting on April 4th, 2019, at 11am Pacific time on YouTube. Please join us here: NEW AXS Burgundy Silhouette Gymnastics Competition leotard by Snowflake Designs

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